Reveals the Mystery of the Near Emery Experience

Suspended animation is a phenomenon when a person returns to life after being declared dead, within a certain time frame. The moment of near death is often associated with a unique and different spiritual experience in each person who experiences it. In one case, a patient was declared dead because his breathing stopped and his heart no longer beats. The doctor has taken various steps for resuscitation, but still there are no signs of life and the patient was declared dead. Strangely, a few minutes to a few hours later, the patient reappeared with signs of life. The phenomenon of near death from the medical side In the near death phenomenon, the doctor may have found signs of death in a patient. A patient is declared dead if: The pulse does not beat and the heart stops beating. Stop breathing and body temperature decreases. The facial muscles look weak and pale. Pupils dilate and are not reactive to light. There is no response to pain. However, due to several factors, the
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